Time Machine This is where you can alter space and time.

Here are all of the 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 240-minute meetings you've organized for the next 30 days. Select each meeting to reduce its end time by ~ 10% (for example a 60-minute meeting will become a 50-minute meeting), or choose the ALL option to reduce the time of all meetings listed below.(Note: your selection will not be saved until you click the SAVE button and re-confirm your submission).


Reduce ~ 10%
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In order to access the full functionality of TimeMachine, we need you to log out and then login to MeetingScience.

Previous versions of MeetingScience required just the ability to read your calendar. For TimeMachine specifically, we've been approved by Google to write TimeMachine changes to your calendar (shortening meeting lengths), and to do that, we need you to authenticate with Google again.

Click here to logout, and then simply log back into MeetingScience.